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i’m just kind of looking at the power instinct wiki and i like the rundowns for the plot motivations here, particularly angela’s in order by game is like

  • 'i was sheltered so i wanna see what's out there'
  • 'i got beat up by an old lady and i ain't takin that sitting down'
  • 'that dude's hot, let's see if this goes anywhere'
  • 'wait where'd he go. nvm i'm gonna sit this one out'
  • 'y'know what would be awesome, a fuckin pet tiger'
  • 'uhh where the hell are my grandparents'

then you have white buffalo who’s like

  • 'i want to train so i can become a chief of my tribe'
  • 'actually i'm just kind of a kleptomaniac'
  • 'like, seriously'
  • 'okay i think i want to get married now'
  • 'nvm i'm just gonna take more shit'
  • 'i should probably show more respect for my tribe by not hoarding things for once so'
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